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Property investment for expats

Many people look beyond the markets to make an investment in bricks and mortar


Property can play an important role in a diversified, well-balanced portfolio. That's why Infinity clients have access to an impressive portfolio of investment properties throughout Asia, Europe and Australia.

In markets that have seen unprecedented rises in recent years, choosing properties that will continue to grow in value has become increasingly challenging.

Using our contacts, extensive regional knowledge and in-depth research, Infinity help clients to select the most appropriate investment property.

There are fantastic property investment opportunities in the Far East and across the world - but you need to know where to look.

Why you should talk to Infinity about your property investment plans

  • We work across the Far East and beyond, and specialise in Thailand property.
  • Infinity director Judy Blair has strong connections in the Thai property market ...and is well versed in the complicated local property laws!
  • We have arrangements with some of the world's leading overseas mortgage lenders
  • We can help clients secure competitive mortgages against properties in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Dubai and Portugal.
  • ...and for people looking to buy property outside these territories we can provide asset backed (collateralised) loans.
  • We understand what it's like living and working abroad... after all, we're expats too

Infinity's local contacts, regional knowledge and access to research can help you make the right property investment choice.

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Things to consider when investing in property

  • How a property investment would fit within your other investments, including your pension
  • Your attitude to risk
  • Timescale - do you have a plan in mind?
  • Location, location, location - where would you feel comfortable investing?
  • Long term growth? Rental income? Or both? It sounds obvious, but how much can you afford?

...these are just a handful of the issues to consider. For many people, investing in property is exciting, but it can also be high-risk without speaking to an expert.

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